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Pioneer Cemetery

The Brownsville Pioneer Cemetery evolved out of the William R. Kirk donation land claim and had its' first burial in 1851. Our cemetery is an outdoor museum that contains the rich history of Brownsville. The artwork on the stones that decorate each grave not only is a part of art history, it tells us something about the person as well.

Brownsville Pioneer Cemetery was fortunate enough in 2007 to obtain a small grant frm the Oregon Commission of Historic Cemeteries. In carrying out the terms of the grant we were able to utilize Northwest Monument Services to repair 27 headstones.

The City of Brownsville also held two workdays last spring with fourteen volunteers receiving training on the care & cleaning of headstones with 37 headstones being cleaned. This spring the volunteers cleaned 98 headstones!

There is more work to do. We cannot accomplish everything in one year but we can continue to work on cemetery needs each year. The more people who get involved makes the workload just that much lighter.
Your interest and participation in the conservation of the Brownsville Pioneer Cemetery is greatly appreciated!

Click here for a before and after photo!

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