Jay Marsh, Step up and do something.


My dad told me that if you dont like the way things are you should step up and do something about it, says Jay Marsh, candidate for Brownsville City Council. I want everyone to be heard, not just some.


Jay has lived in Brownsville the last few years, after leaving here when he was about 20 years old. He explains that he never learned to read or write while in school here. Now his wife has been helping him. He lived in Lebanon for about twenty years, and was born in Prineville. He was employed by Morse Bros. and did road construction. He is a brother to the late Bob Marsh and to Don Marsh, both well known in Brownville. His wife, Dulci, works at the Pillbox Pharmacy in Lebanon and drives the yellow SMART car that can be seen around town at times. He has four children, including Jarred and Denver, both of whom are being home schooled. His daughters, Becky Marsh and Brandi Lux, live in Lebanon.


I believe in helping my neighbors, he says, I help them when they need it. Jay suffered a stroke several years ago and has a degenerative disease, spinal stenosis, which will eventually leave him paralyzed. He is on Social Security Disability Benefits.


He has a legal marijuana card and has several plants in his back yard, with legal limits. It is well protected with movement detectors. Jay does some scrap metal collection, which he no longer does from his home on Kirk Avenue. He works out of another location. In the home are four generations, including Dulcis grandmother Evelyn Garrison, mother Colleen Garrison, and the boys. I believe I can be a good member of the Council, says Jay.